Sterling Silver


Hand woven sterling silver jewelry. Wear them dressed up or dressed down with your favorite pair of jeans. The weave helps make the jewelry sparkle.

The weave is Soumack. Soumack is a centuries old finger weaving technique, which is not in the least “high tech,” most commonly seen in Kilims and Oriental rugs. I use sterling silver (92.5% silver) as the warp, the threads which run length ways and fine silver (99.9% silver) as the weft or filling. The ear wire is Argentium sterling silver (92.5% silver).

Argentium is the finest silver with superior brightness, purity, durability, tarnish resistance. Instead of using nickel or copper, Argentium is made of the metalloid germanium. It still retains the 92.5% silver content and is referred to as sterling silver. The properties of this kind of sterling work extremely well with the fold forming technique.


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